Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How I Use Pinterest

So I figured if this blog is going to be all about how Pinterest has turned me into a housewife, I need to explain how I use Pinterest.  I'm gonna be honest - I absolutely CRINGE when I see people not using it correctly.  Pinterest is a great thing, but for those who don't know how to use it or who aren't using it to it's full capacity, it hurts my little heart.

First, you can delete the captions for pins and write whatever you want!  So this means that when you repin a recipe and all it says in the caption is "OMG I made this for him last night and he just wouldn't stop asking when I was making it again" you can simply change it to "Crockpot Chicken and Rice".  There.  Wasn't that easy? :)

Next, don't be afraid to create numerous boards!  I'm very OCD and so I desperately NEED these boards to keep all my ideas straight!  So, while I have a "Recipes" board, I also have these:

One very important thing is make sure that your pin actually has a working, usable link attached to it.  That doesn't mean the link works but simply goes to the Google image you pinned.  This means if it's a recipe, the link is to the ACTUAL recipe, not a site you have to click on to get to the other site, to get to your aunt's house, to get to that site, to get to Jesus, and THEN you'll get the recipe.  

Also, I would point out that if it's a post from a person's blog website (as many many many of my posts are) make sure you are on the ACTUAL post, not just their home page that happens to have the thing you want to pin on it.  Wanna know why?  Because if the post is 'new' but is from December of 2012, then when someone clicks on the pin on March 25th, they won't see that because the page has now moved.  That's no fun.

Now that we have those basics down, here's how I really use Pinterest:

I utilize my 'like' button!  So here's what happens ...

1.  When I scroll through my hourly daily visit to the website, I see posts of stuff that I like/may cook/want to make, etc.  Since a lot of people don't know how to properly use Pinterest, they may have either linked to just a 'Google image' which means there is no recipe or instructions.  In that case the pin is utterly useless.  So as I'm scrolling, instead of going to the pin right away, I simply click the like button.

2.  After I have 'liked' all the pins I want since the last time I have visited the site, then I go to my 'likes'.  

3.  Here is where I click on each pin I have liked, review it, and clicked the pin to go to the link:

4.  In this case, the pin was to a successful link, but after reading the pin, I realized that it didn't belong on any of my boards because there wasn't anything more I could do with it.  In this case, I simply go back to my 'likes', unlike the pin and that's that.  If I DO want to keep the pin, I simply repin it.  

So...that's it.  Really. So simple!

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