Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Juicing - Day 1

So, day 1 done. Under ze belt.  That's pretty cool.

Today was honestly a lot easier than anticipated.  I never felt "hungry".  I did not have any "detox" symptoms.  For me it was more of a mind game because I never realized how much I thought about food.  Like, I'm talking all freaking day.  ALL DAY (in my best Schmidt voice.  New Girl fans out there?  Anyone?  Mmmmmk).  I am a meal planner so normally I'm thinking of what I will be cooking when I get off.  I'm constantly on Pinterest trying to find new recipes.  I'm subscribed to a ton of food/home recipe blogs so I'm constantly reading about it.  So today was hard because I had to distract my mind.  I have a wonderful job that I sincerely love.  A perk of my job is a lot of down time.  Especially on Fridays.  So I played a LOT of Candy Crush, looked at a LOT of deal websites for stuff at bargain basement prices that I'm not going to buy anyway, and refreshed Twitter every 3 and a half seconds.  And I kept thinking about the "before" pictures we took of my body today and how phenomenally disgusting I looked. VOM.COM you guys.  It's outta control.  That's enough to motivate anyone.

For my husband on the other hand, today for him was awful.  After he threw up (but before he passed out asleep) he has already told me he's quitting.  We both knew the first 3 days would be rough especially for him because of the detox, but if he can JUST make it through, he will be fine.  I know it and he knows it.  But after having a migraine all day and not being able to sleep because he's so uncomfortable, he's not into it.  My husband's not the "I'm up for a challenge" kinda guy.  Sinful, but he's working on it and I'm loving him through it.

Oh, and a disclaimer: My husband did seek the approval from a family physician because he is a tad overweight and diabetes runs in his family.  One of my very good friends is a dietician and I have been consulting with her as well.  All systems a go and everyone approved for takeoff.

For those of you who may care at ALL, here wre my meals today:

Breakfast - Super Defender (Kale, Carrots, and an orange)
Mid morning snack - Grape & Green (Kale, Spinach, Celery - which I omitted - and a grapefruit)
Lunch - Green Lemonade
Dinner - Apple Lullaby (Red apples, Lettuce, and a Lemon) *the lettuce is supposed to have a 'sleep inducing' effect. Not seeing that yet but whatevs.

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