Wednesday, August 28, 2013

No thanks, Pinterest!

A common thread I see among posts with friends and others who find stuff on Pinterest is that Pinterest gets all the credit.  That's incorrect.  Pinterest is the OUTLET in which you are linked to numerous wonderful and awesome bloggers who create what you see on Pinterest.

Yes, if someone asked me in the past where I got a real cool tip, trick, or DIY idea, I'd be all "I got it on Pinterest!" but that's not true! I found it on Pinterest, yes, but I actually got the idea from blogger x, y, z.

So, just for future reference, here are some blogs you will probably be seeing come up a LOT in my future posts:

A Bowl Full of Lemons - the most beautifully organized blog ever

iHeartOrganizing - Jen.  She's my hero.  Gorgeous house and brilliant organizing ideas.

Six Sisters Stuff - Tons of great recipes! Especially easy and/or Crock Pot related

Shanty 2 Chic - ZOMG. This woman. She's super handy and makes tons of cheap and easy crafts using wood scraps and simple tools. Of course she makes other real fun cheap crafts, too, but you know what I mean :)

Now, I subscribe to a zillion blogs so there are many more that you'll see from me occasionally, but these for sure I can already tell you will make me sound like a broken record.

Long story short, I want to always give credit where credit is due.  And so should you! (don't mind me, just being Mrs. Dr. Seuss over here)

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